He is Able

It’s my favourite story. The one about the woman who spent twelve years visiting doctor after doctor but to no avail. One day, she saw Jesus in a crowd.

Desperately, she pushed through the mass of packed bodies until she could just reach Him.

Nervously, she touched the hem of his robe.

Instantly, she was healed.

I know it doesn’t always work this way. Sometimes Jesus calms the storm and other times He carries us through it. But as I wait for test results this week, I’ve been reading story after story of healing and hope in Matthew. There is the man with leprosy. The Roman officer’s servant girl. Peter’s mother-in-law. The paralyzed man. The two blind men.

And then there’s this woman, the one who touched the very edge of Jesus’ robe.

Whether Jesus chooses to heal us or chooses to carry us is up to Him. For me, it’s enough to know that He’s got everything under control. So if you follow me on Twitter and notice that I’ve been tweeting a lot with the hashtag #HeIsAble, it’s because I want to make sure that I get this into my spirit.

Sometimes we have to push through discouragement. Sometimes we have to push through disappointment. Sometimes we have to push through fear.

But let’s never forget that on the other end is Jesus!

Whatever the issues we face, we need to reach out and touch the hem of His robe, and know that He is able.

We serve a big God!


2 thoughts on “He is Able

  1. Marisa Alexandra Anderson says:

    Excellent words of encouragement! This is the theme of a contemporary piece I’m currently choreographing… moves me to tears every time I think about her and how she pushed through the crowds. There’s no crowd to push through today… but am I as desperate for him as she was? Thanks for sharing.


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