You are not Alone

First the little one came down with the stomach flu. Then the older one came down with a cold that turned into a bad chest infection. Then the little one got the cold – and eye teeth. Nights have consisted of short bursts of sleep broken by harsh sobs and rasping coughs from down the hall. Short as the nights have been, the days have stretched long.

Is there joy in tiredly scrubbing vomit-stained floors? In measuring out medicine, dose after dose? In mounds of laundry that only seem to grow higher? And always, when children are finally on the mend, they are cranky. Is there joy in all this?

I realize that the fact that I asked that question clearly means that I was running on empty this week. Brief snippets of prayer here and there. A few Scripture verses at the end of the day when my mind was too tired to translate words into meaning. A gratitude journal abandoned in a purse somewhere.

The Bible says, “Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” How can I rest if I do not first come? It is the logical sequence of things. Jesus wants to take my burdens, but He will not wrench them from my back. I have to surrender.

Motherhood is a constant process of surrender. As I think about that, I vaguely remember a verse. What does it say? I can only remember fragments. I type them into my computer and a list of results pops up.

The Lord will fight your battles for you; you need only be still. There it is in black and white. A promise found in Exodus 14:14.

I need only be still. Quiet my frenzied thinking, stop my frenzied doing. Pause and allow His Presence to fill me.

I breathe deep. Here I am, Lord. I give it all to You. I am flooded with the peace of knowing that Jesus not only desires to share the load, He wants to take it completely.

I’m sure that every mother feels overwhelmed at times. Perhaps you are reading this and you are weary today. Sometimes, all those little things add up. Know that Jesus walks this road with you. You are not alone.

The Lord will fight your battles for you; you need only be still.

Strength … and joy … come from spending time Him.


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