A Gift of Grace

It’s a lesson in grace, this brightly wrapped package. The knock on the door is unexpected. The present, covered in cheerful plaid paper, is even more unexpected. Unexpected and undeserved.

It is a gift from a whole bunch of our friends, my husband’s and mine. And I feel so unworthy because it has been a hard year and, many times, my attitude towards circumstances and situations and people has been terrible. And yet, their love is overwhelming.

As I take the package and place it under the tree until my husband comes home from work, the tears flow unchecked. I struggle so hard to understand grace. Unmerited favour. An undeserved gift. And yet, here it is, a tangible expression, sitting on my living room floor.

I think back to something I wrote about months and months ago. A girl excitedly opening a present. Inside, blessings. A sunny day. Children. Laughter. All of the good things in life. God was trying to show me what grace is. Even back then, I didn’t fully get it.

I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the concept of grace. I believe in Jesus and I know that He loves me and died for me and forgives my every wrong. I’m so grateful for what He did, but I often wonder why. Why does He love us so?

As I look at the gift under the tree, His still, small Voice whispers to my heart. This is it. This is grace. You’ll never deserve it. You’ll never earn it. You’ll never understand it. It is a gift that is given to you anyway, no strings attached, given purely out of love. It’s why I came.

I will always remember this Christmas. Always. Because this Christmas, a red plaid box taught grace.

Words to live by:
~Romans 3:24
~Ephesians 2:4-9


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