The Crosswalk … and Other Life Lessons

I was standing at a crosswalk after a long day at work. There were no cars in sight – with the exception of a police car that had pulled over a dark blue minivan a short ways away. I sighed impatiently. The stoplight was taking forever.

I should ignore the light and just cross the street. Does it really matter if I jaywalk? It’s not like I have my kids with me. Besides, do policemen ticket jaywalkers these days? Even if they do, that guy is too busy to see me.

I used to blissfully jaywalk all the time without a second thought. But years ago, my husband told me, “The law is the law. You should obey it even in the little things.”

Since then, every time I’m about to jaywalk, I remember my husband’s words and have a heated internal debate. Usually, like any good wife, I end up brushing his advice aside and crossing the street. Why wait? I have things to do and places to go. And didn’t Jesus set me free from the law? (Okay, so I might be using that verse just a little out of context there.)

Today, however, as I stood impatiently at the crosswalk, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart: This isn’t about whether your kids are watching or whether the policeman sees you or whether it’s “just” jaywalking. This is about your level of integrity.

You see, integrity means doing what’s right … even when what’s right seems completely inconsequential.

Obviously, I chose to wait out the light. It took two whole minutes longer to get home (that’s practically an eternity for me), but it was an important lesson in both patience and obedience. God wants me to be faithful – not just in the the big things, but in the little things as well.

It’s a good lesson.

Well … as long as it doesn’t apply to my lead driving foot.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

(Blast. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned my driving. I’m pretty sure it just moved up to #1 on the conviction hit list. It’s all good … as long as I don’t have to blog about the time that I was stuck behind some slow guy and called him every name in the book (not the Bible…another book) and then it turned out to be one of my pastors. I learned an important lesson that day too. Now I’m very careful to check the identity of other drivers before I start muttering under my breath.) šŸ˜‰

Ah yes, integrity. Clearly … there is work to be done.


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