Leaves in the Mist

The street was slippery with rain. As my car slowly climbed the hill, the mist grew thicker and thicker until I could hardly see the lines on the road. And then, out of the fog, golden-yellow leaves began to fall onto my windshield. Leaf after leaf fluttered down, startlingly beautiful on an otherwise dismal day.

Suddenly I found that tears were falling too. Because these simple, ordinary autumn leaves were an extraordinary gift.

Sometimes as a wife and a mother, you get tired. Pressures come – family stress and marital stress and financial stress. You feel soul-achingly weary.

I’m clutching hard at grace – grateful that during these seasons there are autumn leaves, beautiful moments that fall out of heaven alongside the rain and the mist.

There are walks in the park.

There are beautiful street lamps.

There are dimply cheeks and half-grown front teeth.

Life is infused with hope by ordinary extraordinary expressions of a Saviour’s love.


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