Why You Should Be a Writer

I just finished reading a Forbes.com piece entitled, “Why You Shouldn’t Be a Writer“. Author Susannah Breslin gives three reasons why you shouldn’t write: (1)  You’re not good at it; (2) It’s too hard; and (3) It’s too hard to monetize.

Sometimes, there are things that burn so deeply in your soul that you feel compelled to do them. For me, writing is one of those things and the article in question could alternately be entitled, “Why You Shouldn’t Breathe”.

Sure, writing is one of the most nerve-wracking things you could ever do. Furthermore, what you write will never be good enough because you will always be your own worst critic. I’ve never been satisfied with a single thing I’ve written and there is nothing in life that has ever made me face my insecurities like writing. And yet, I can’t help but write. If you, too, feel that way, then you must write.

As for writing being “hard”, um, hello. That goes without saying. But so what? Anything that is worth doing is difficult. And if you have that desire to write then develop your skills and write!

As for Breslin’s third point about writing being too hard to monetize, again I must ask, So what? If you love to write then you write because you love to write. Period. (Now try to say that sentence five times fast!)

Don’t do it to impress others. Don’t do it because you think it’s easy. Don’t do it because it might make you rich.

Do it because you love to do it and because you can’t help yourself.

(End of rant. Whew. I feel better now.)


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