Once Upon a Summer: The Journey’s End (Part 10)

It has taken me a long time to post my conclusion to this series and I apologize. But here it is … finally …

If you’ve missed any of the previous installments, you can find a comprehensive table of contents here.

My trip to Europe was over, but the impressions it left on my heart were permanent. I had experienced new things and learned lessons that I will never forget. I had met many beautiful people, shared the love of Jesus, and watched as lives were changed.

I, too, was changed.

Going half-way across the world to spread the gospel was incredible. I don’t have to stray far from home to be a missionary, however. This is something that the Holy Spirit is speaking to my heart lately. There are hurting people everywhere who need Jesus.

There’s the girl that I met at the mall last week. The refugee who now owns a coffee shop downtown. The immigrant children that my small group has been reaching out to. The dear friend with a heavy heart. Family members. Acquaintances. Strangers on the street.

The truth is, I need to be more intentional. To open my heart more freely. To search for ways to share hope. To make sure that I don’t let one single opportunity slip away.

God can use me right here, right now.

He can use you too.

We just have to make ourselves available.

(Yes, it really is that simple.)

Here am I, Lord. Send me.



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