Happy Father’s Day

It was my husband who taught me how to change a diaper. Our daughter looked so tiny and I was nervous, afraid that I would hurt her. My husband guided me through the process, gently reassuring me that babies not as fragile as they look.

When the nurse whisked our little girl away for her first bath, I was under strict orders to stay in my hospital bed and not get up. It was my husband who carefully watched the nurse wash the baby so he could later show me how to properly clean our precious bundle.

As our daughter grew, my husband taught her how click her tongue, how to brush her teeth, how to paddle a canoe, and how to count to twenty-two. My husband taught her how to love the Bible and how to lay hands on people and pray.

And now we have another little girl. And my husband is teaching her those things too.

When our oldest daughter sees her Daddy, she usually runs towards him and chatters nonstop about anything and everything. He always listens and responds as though her words are of the utmost importance. When our youngest daughter sees her Daddy, her eyes light up and her cheeks dimple. His eyes light up and his cheeks dimple too.

I have never seen two little girls more enamoured with their father. And I have never seen a father so enamoured with his little girls.

And so today I just want to take a minute to say that Dave, you are an amazing dad. Our girls are so blessed to have you in their lives. Thank you for the sacrifices you make, your endless patience, and all the time you spend making sure that every day is special. We love you so very much.

Happy Father’s Day.


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