Let’s Make Sure the Rumours Don’t Come True…

This week, a Canadian student was suspended for wearing a T-shirt that said, “Life is wasted without Jesus”. This is yet another example of the heart-breaking moral degeneration of our society. It brings to mind several “last days” prophecies in the Bible.

That said, I read an article somewhere on the internet that said that wearing a Christian t-shirt in Canada is illegal. Actually, no court of law or legislative body has ever ruled against wearing Christian t-shirts. There is no specific legislation dealing with this issue. Nor is there case law ruling that this violates the Human Rights Code.

Thankfully, even the school board in question now recognizes that they didn’t have a legal leg to stand on. According to CBC News, “On Friday, the South Shore Regional School Board ruled Swinimer would be allowed to wear the T-shirt, but also said it would bring in a facilitator on Monday to speak with students and parents.”

So let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, but let’s look ahead to the future. After all, this is a very serious issue with very serious implications. So let’s do what we can to ensure that our freedom of speech and our right to practice our faith are not restricted.

How can we do this? Well, I suppose the logical starting point (other than praying like crazy for our nation) would be to write a letter to the school board expressing our support of William Swinimer and letting them know that it was a good idea to allow him to continue to wear his t-shirt.

You’re thinking, Write a letter? But that sounds so ineffective. It’s not and here’s why. I’ve worked behind the political scenes and have seen how things operate. Elected officials at any level want to please their voters. The more letters that are written, the more likely it is that those elected officials will listen and act accordingly.

So I’m making it easy. It took a while, but I dug up the contact information for the school board, the federal government representative, and the provincial government representative. It’s all below:

South Shore Regional School Board Contact Form: Click here.

Nancy Pynch-Worthylake, Superintendent of Schools – South Shore Regional School Board: npynch-worthylake@ssrsb.ca

Gerald Keddy, MP – South Shore-St. Margaret’s: keddyg@parl.gc.ca

Pam Birdsall, MLA – Lunenburg: pambirdsallmla@bellaliant.com

There you have it. All the information you need to shoot off an e-mail to these folks in support of William Swinimer. And, if you’re so inclined, you can e-mail your own government reps too. Just because. After all, as they say, “Prevention is better than cure”.


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