Stress Casserole – Let’s Just Laugh at That!

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My husband called home on his lunch break yesterday while I was making dinner.

“What are you making?” he asked.

I’ll be darned if I had a clue. Quite frankly, I was throwing a bunch of random things in a casserole dish and praying for a miracle.

The day started off with my older daughter waking up covered in pee. (Why do all my stories seem to include diaper blowouts?) I had to throw her in the tub, all the while listening to the baby scream.

The girls had their shots the day before and both of them were cranky as all get out. Yes, I’m one of those moms who vaccinates their children. I also sometimes feed my older daughter fast food for dinner. And, occasionally, I forget to put diaper cream on them. Well, now that I’ve aired my dirty laundry on the world wide web, let’s get on with the story…

I was desperately losing the battle with my housework since the girls were so cranky. To make it worse, my older daughter had a strange rash covering her tummy and my younger daughter was teething. Poor kids.

You’re probably thinking, “This isn’t funny at all.” You’re right. You see, here’s the thing. On days like that, you have to CHOOSE to laugh.

So when my two-year old began yelling and spitting at me, I looked at her and let out a hysterical, I’m-losing-my-sanity kind of laugh. If you have kids, you know exactly what I’m referring to. And, you know, I felt a little better after that.

I decided to try a new method of dealing with the spitting, since nothing seems to faze this kid. So once I got my high-pitched giggle under control, I said, “Oh dear! Is there something yucky in your mouth? I guess we need to clean it.”

Then I got out the soap (a natural, environmentally-friendly kind of soap, in case you were worried).

And I put a teeny-tiny dab in her mouth.

Want to know her reaction? Her eyes got big. Really, really big. And she said, “YUMMY!”

Sheesh. That’ll teach her not to spit at people when she’s angry.

When my husband called from work, I told him the story of the soap. We laughed and laughed. That’s when he asked what I was making for dinner.

“Stress Casserole,” I replied with a giggle. “I’ve been so frazzled that I couldn’t even tell you what I threw in this dish. Better start praying!”

Surprisingly, dinner wasn’t that bad! Kind of like life sometimes. Throw in a little of this, a little of that, some stress-induced laughter, and loads of prayer … and, somehow, God makes something beautiful out of it all. =)


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