The Gem

Isn’t this diamond gorgeous? If you could pluck it out of the photo, hold it in your hand, and turn it all around so you could see it from every angle, the diamond would still be dazzling. Every facet of this gem shines and sparkles.

Now I want to show you another diamond. This one might not be so obvious. But if you click on the link below, believe me, you will be overwhelmed with a different sort of beauty!

(Skip ahead to 1:53 and start watching there.)

The Prayer

Who would have ever guessed that this insecure kid who struggles with his weight, who has been teased and bullied, and who has suffered from a mental breakdown would have that kind of talent just waiting to be revealed to the world? This young man is a beautiful gem!

As I watched Jonathan Antoine sing, I thought about my own insecurities. For years, they held me back from reaching my God-given potential for no other reason than because I allowed them to. But God has been challenging me over and over again lately to step out and let Him use me to dazzle others with His love (but not to dazzle them with my singing … that’s just painful).

God has created each of us with unique gifts and abilities. They are beautiful. But do you know what is even more beautiful? When we surrender those talents to Him. The very reason we exist is to give God glory. When we give ourselves over to Him, His glory shines and sparkles through every facet of our being.

The Holy Spirit has been challenging me with the following questions (and I’ll throw them out there for you too): What talents has God given you? And how are you going to let Him use those talents to reveal His glory to the world?

He wants to shine and sparkle through you! Because even more incredible than the finest gemstone is the breath-taking beauty of a surrendered life.


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