Inspire Me!

In lieu of a long post today, I hope you don’t mind me simply sharing with you a little poem that I wrote. I know, I know. Who writes poetry nowadays? Um, I guess I do (although, technically, I wrote it a few years ago). I’ve had difficulty getting my thoughts out on paper lately (blasted writer’s block!), so this has been my prayer:

Inspire Me
O Lord,
inspire me—
words are few.
And yet,
I want to speak
for You.
But not just speak,
O Father, please—
I need to put
on paper these.
My heart, it yearns
to be a light—
show me
what You’d have
me write.
I give to You
my talents few;
O Lord,
inspire me—

I have a feeling that inspiration truly is about to hit. If not, however, then just brace yourself for an onslaught of my old poetry. (See how sneaky I am? Now you’re all praying along with me, “Not her teenage poetry! Lord, PUHLEEEZE give her something, anything, to write about!”)

Stay tuned! LOL.


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