A Price to Pay

When I first sat down to write a post about the price of destiny, I had a hard time finding the right words. I quickly realized the issue. I’ve never had to pay much of a price for my faith because, for years, I was content with the status quo. There were areas in my heart that Jesus was not allowed to touch. These areas held me back and, as a result, my idea of sharing Jesus was to tell someone that I went to church. Wow. Now there’s a piece of information that’s going to change lives!

Things are different now. You see, Jesus has set me free from those fears. He is setting me free from insecurity. He is healing emotional wounds that I never thought could be healed. He has forgiven all of my screw-ups. He is making me into a new person. The more I get to know Him, the more I love Him. He’s changed my life.

Now I want to tell people about Him! I want everyone to experience the freedom and forgiveness that I’ve found! I want Him to use my life to draw others to Him. This is my hope, my dream. What greater destiny could there be?

Have you ever noticed that the people who do the greatest things for God also paid the greatest price? John was beheaded. Stephen was stoned. Peter was imprisoned. Paul was beaten, imprisoned, starved, and exiled. All of these men were mocked and ridiculed. But they obeyed Jesus no matter what the personal cost. And they changed the world.

My destiny has a price tag attached. God is asking certain things of me. He is challenging me to step out into unknown territory and it is hard to do. He is digging deep into the tender areas of my heart and asking me to surrender sins, hurts, and struggles. He is teaching me what it means to pick up my cross and follow Him. It`s not easy, but I know that it is going to be worth it to see people come to know Him and love Him.

Your destiny has a price tag attached too. What is it that God is speaking to you about today? What areas of your life is He asking you to surrender?

Don’t accept the status quo. The reward is far greater than the sacrifice! People desperately need to know Jesus. He wants to use you to change their lives. Your destiny awaits!


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