Don’t Eat the Bark off the Coffee Table!

This morning as I was pretending to clean the house, there was a knock at the door. I caught a glimpse of a postal truck through the window and flew to answer with breathless anticipation. Could it be? Yes, yes, dreams do come true. My box of 246 size two diapers had arrived in the mail. I tore open the box with trembling hands and carefully checked the diapers. They were all there. Could life possibly get any better?

It got me thinking once again about how much life has changed since I became a stay-at-home mom, something that I write about frequently. Who could have ever imagined that diapers could be so exciting or that common household phrases would include such things as: “Please don’t throw that book in the toilet! Try this one. It’s waterproof.” And “Don’t chew on the car. You’ll break your teeth.” Or “Don’t eat the bark off the coffee table.”

I suppose that last statement needs a bit more explanation. You see, my husband and I often drive to Algonquin Provincial Park to spend several cold, rainy days in the middle of the wilderness, huddling around a weak fire over which we reconstitute dehydrated food. He calls this “vacation”. I call it “insanity”. Once, as we were driving home, we came across a coffee table made out of birch logs. Thanks to our well-honed marital communication skills, the trip ended with us being $150 poorer and the proud owners of an extremely large coffee table that neither of us actually wanted.

Our children – and my sister’s child – are forever peeling the bark off the table and eating it. It provides them with an important source of dietary fibre not found in KD. However, the table is beginning to look a little bald. So I need the kids to stop gnawing on it – at least until we can cut up some new birch logs.

“Don’t eat the bark off the coffee table!” is a phrase that I never thought would ring frequently through my home.

I wouldn’t trade my life in for anything, however. I guess that’s why this morning, as I was staring with breathless wonder at my new box of diapers, Psalm 138:8 came to mind. It says, “The Lord will work out His plans for my life—for Your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever.”


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