In the last week, since my husband lost his job, I’ve been blown away by the ways in which God has provided for us. The way that Dave’s pay periods work means that, from the day he lost his job, we had four more weeks of income coming in. In addition to that, he will be receiving two weeks of severance pay. As if that weren’t enough, we’ve been given another two weeks worth of income. Wow! That means that God has provided a total of 8 weeks worth of full-time income.

It gets better. We won’t need any clothing for our baby-on-the-way. None. Sure, we’ll need diapers and things like that, but she won’t lack clothing at all. The boxes of clothes in the attic can attest to that.

Here is something amazing. I have had to be on really expensive anti-nausea medication for this entire pregnancy. At the beginning, I was on such a high dosage that $152 would give me less than 13 days worth. Today is day #2 of no medication and I am feeling great. Thank you Jesus!

Then there are the little things. We needed a new headlight for our car. The only one we could find cost $50. However, someone had already opened the package. So we searched high and low for another headlight. We finally found one…that was $20 cheaper. Installing it involves removing a tire and some bolts and a bunch of other stuff. Luckily, my father-in-law had all the equipment needed as well as the expertise, which meant that we didn’t have to bring it into the dealership and pay exorbitant amounts of money just for a headlight replacement.

I received a package in the mail the other day. It contained a few newborn diapers, some baby shampoo and lotion, a soother, baby wipes, and some coupons. I also received a package containing a diaper bag, a bottle, a can of formula, and some other coupons. These are all things that we’ll need.

We went to Canadian Tire the other day and filled out a survey. In return, we were given two coupons for $10 in free merchandise at Mark’s Work Wearhouse. Nice.

I needed a certain amount of Huggies points to order my last Christmas gift for the new baby. I received a random e-mail containing enough points and was able to order it in plenty of time for Christmas. Now all of my Christmas shopping for my family is complete…four months early. No matter what the next four months hold, I’ll still be able to bless them for Christmas.

I’m sure that there are other little ways in which God has provided that I’m not even aware of.

It’s not the material blessings that matter. I mean, it’s incredible to be provided for. But I’m learning so much about God’s character through this. He really doesn’t forsake us. He takes care of us. And He loves my children more than I ever could, so they are in good hands. That assurance fills my heart with such an incredible sense of peace.

His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness!


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