“We Don’t Want Blessings…”

Open up the sky,
Fall down like rain;
We don’t want blessings,
We want You.”

On Thursday morning, as I was driving my husband to work, we were listening to the song “Open up the Sky”. In my typical self-righteous way, I turned to my husband and said, “You know, the reason I love this song so much is because in Christianity today, I see way too much of people praying for material blessings instead of just trying to get a hold of the heart of God. We’re missing the point of it all!”

I have to say that I think God has a fantastic sense of humour. He really does. Because what I didn’t know at the time was that my husband was going to lose his job that very day and with it, as I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, our sole source of income. Two days later, the irony still makes me chuckle … and has me doing some deep thinking.

Sure, it has always bothered me that people spend so much time praying for God to multiply their finances. It has bothered me that there seems to be such a focus in Christianity on having a bigger house and a nicer car and that having those things seem to signify the extent of God’s favour on one’s life. But let’s be honest. I like material things as much as the next person.

Whatever happens in the next few weeks, my cry is that these circumstances will cause me to fall more deeply in love with Jesus. Yet, even as I write that, there is a bit of fear that shoots through my heart. Yes, I want to know Him more, but deep down, should He require it, I don’t honestly want to let go of a comfortable lifestyle. I guess it’s a trust issue.

I love the way that the Holy Spirit will use the situations in our lives to show us struggles that are hidden deep inside.

It’s only through times like these that the motives of our heart are exposed and then purified. And it’s the pure in heart that get to really see and experience God. So my only recourse is to say, “Whatever You have in store, Lord, just bring it.” Because although the future is uncertain and although I love all my “stuff”, my desire truly is to love Jesus more.

And on that note, I’ll leave you with what has become one of my favourite songs and the cry of my heart:



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