Colour Sorting Activity

Somewhere in my internet travels, I stumbled across a fantastic colour-sorting exercise. It’s simple, inexpensive, and fun. Here are the instructions:


  • four paper plates
  • one sheet of each of the following colours of construction paper: blue, green, red, and yellow
  • scissors
  • glue
  • large coloured blocks, such as MegaBloks
  • paper or cloth bag


  1. Cut one circle out of each colour of construction paper. The circles should be large enough to fit nicely inside the paper plates.
  2. Glue one circle into each paper plate. You now have four different coloured plates.
  3. Put the blocks inside the bag. If you don’t have blocks, cut squares of paper and use those instead.

Was that simple or what??? Now to play the game…

Each person takes a block out of the bag and places it on the correspondingly coloured paper plate. That’s it!

This might sound like a ridiculously mundane game, but it is perfect for my 17-month old. We are trying to teach her about colours and she is just starting to get it. When she puts a block on the correct plate, we cheer and applaud and she is thrilled. Due to the short attention span typical of children this age, we generally can only play a couple of rounds of the game before our daughter is off doing something else. However, she is definitely showing improvement in her ability to match colours!


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