A Real Parent in a Real World

My goal in starting this blog is just to be real. So often, people dish out parenting advice as if they know it all, while ignoring the reality of life. I’m sure you’ve experienced this before. A mom whose child is still not sleeping through the night by age one, and yet she freely dispenses her wisdom on how to get your newborn to sleep more. Or the parent who tells you how to discipline your child when their own kids are running around like crazed banshees.

We like to wear masks. Especially as Christians. We feel pressure to perform, to pretend to have it all together. Often it feels like if we allow people to see our struggles, it will take away from our credibility. I disagree. The people I respect the most are those who are real. No masks, no pretenses. They are who they are – and they are comfortable with that.

I don’t pretend to be a perfect mom. I make mistakes all the time. I am floundering through this parenting thing like the next person. I am constantly asking the Lord for wisdom.

That is what this blog is about. A real person in a real world trying to raise the next generation to love God, to serve God, and to also be real. This is my journey.


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